Summer Sunrises

Magic in M.T.’s everyday life #1

I thought it would be a great idea to share some of the small and beautiful moments throughout my week in the hopes that it would inspire you to pause and notice the same in your daily routine.

One thing I couldn’t help to notice is that regardless of how many times we see the sun set or rise, its beauty never ceases to amaze us. I must have hundreds of sunrise pictures on my phone, yet I can’t seem to stop snapping more pictures. Each one is so unique and its magnificence puts me at awe every time. The painted strokes of yellow orange rays highlighting the silhouettes of soft clouds as it slowly transitions to the most amazing bluish purple; announcing the arrival of the night sky.

I could stare at it for hours.

I remember waking up at 4 am to drive to the highest mountain in my area, hiking up in the dark with only the light of the moon to illuminate my path, determined to make it in time to see the sun rise on the mountaintop.

There must be a reason we love to chase the sun, to see the first beams of light peaking through the horizon. It may be that in those quiet moments, the sun captures our gaze and refuses to let go, lighting a sense of hope in us that it has arrived to gift us with a new day. It is as though the universe allows time to stand still, pausing the packed filled agendas, to-do lists and obligations, reminding us of our purpose in the grand scheme of things. Reminding us of the real meaning of life: to value our experiences, our relationships and our friendships.

It entertains us with ideas of vast possibilities that we can do that day, if we so choose to take hold of it, to live a life with full intention and purpose. To not wait till later to be happy, but to choose to be happy right here, right now.

What magic exists in your everyday life?

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